Cadet RSM Sculthorpe 7

Farewell to Cadet RSM Amelia Sculthorpe

Commendation Awarded for Exceptional Leadership and Dedication to Greater Manchester ACF

Farewell to Cadet RSM Amelia Sculthorpe

18 July 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

Cadet RSM Amelia Sculthorpe has been recognised by Col Catherine Harrison for her exceptional leadership skills, dedication, and teamwork within Greater Manchester ACF. As a result of her outstanding performance and commitment, Cadet RSM Sculthorpe received the prestigious Commandant's Coin – an award presented to cadets who demonstrate exceptional qualities and commitment, either in or out of the Army Cadets.

In addition, Cadet RSM Sculthorpe was presented with a table-top Cadet RSM Pace Stick by RSMI Dougie Craddock, a significant item that commemorates her achievements and journey to reach the highest cadet rank in the Army Cadets.

As Cadet RSM Sculthorpe bids farewell to the Army Cadets at 18, Col Harrison and RSMI Dougie Craddock wished her well in all her future endeavours. We look forward to hearing more about her future plans and successes.

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Cadet RSM Sculthorpe 7
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