Exercise Von Esmarch - C Company, Suffolk ACF

C Company Cadets get put through their paces on February Assessment Weekend

Exercise Von Esmarch - C Company, Suffolk ACF

16 February 2023

  • Suffolk ACF

C Company cadets spent this weekend at Croxton Road as part of a package of assessments at various ACS Syllabus levels. Basic cadets were put through their paces in a wide range of tests including drill and turnout, fieldcraft, shooting and first aid. Meanwhile other cadets spent the weekend learning and being assessed on their 2* First Aid package looking into treatment of severe bleeds, shock, unconcious breathing and non breathing casualties and burns to name a few! A large number of star passes were achieved over a rigorous but hardworking few days and all cadets have come away with learning a new skill!
Awards and promotions (Awarded by Col Rob Simpkin) include
Basic * pass
- Cdt Hunter-Wright
- Cdt Martin
- Cdt Ruda

2 * Pass
- L/Cpl Keeble
- L/Cpl McPherson

Promotion to L/Cpl
- L/Cpl Bird
- L/Cpl Bradshaw
- L/Cpl Cox

- Cpl Bacon

Promotion to SMI
- SMI Thomas

Cadet Forces Warrant Presentation
- CSM Chanty

  • IMG 2641

    Basics get put through their drill and turnout…

  • IMG 2646

    Air Rifle Shooting for the basic cadets

  • IMG 2652

    Learning how to properly manoeuvre in the field

  • IMG 2659

    Applying what has been learnt about treating…

  • IMG 2660

    Looking at correctly administering CPR.

  • IMG 2672

    Basic * Passes

  • IMG 2679

    2 * Passes

  • IMG 2682

    CADSAAM Awards for Cpl Bacon

  • IMG 2685

    Newly promoted L/Cpls Bird, Cox and Bradshaw of C…

  • IMG 2688

    New Suffolk ACF Commandant Col Simpkin addresses…

  • IMG 2690

    CSM Chantry receives his Cadet Forces Warrant

  • IMG 2694

    Newly promoted SMI Thomas

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