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Exercise Sobieska

Visit of Polish Cadets to the Battalion Summer Camp at Garelochhead

Exercise Sobieska

28 July 2023

  • Black Watch Battalion ACF

The Battalion had the pleasure of hosting 18 Polish Army Cadets and 2 Adult volunteers for a week at Garelochhead Training Camp. During this time, the Cadets participated in various activities such as Fieldcraft, CIS, Gorge Walking, Canoeing, and Tag Archery. These activities allowed the Cadets to mix and learn from the Battalion Cadets, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork.

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    School Patch

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    Old school phone

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    Using PRR

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    Fieldcraft with Saltire

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    Paintball time

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    Serious face

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    Command task

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    Giant Dartboard

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    It’s for you

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    Feeding time

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    Tag Archery

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    T Shirt time

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IMG 5501

Polish Cadets with Battalion flag

On Friday, the group held a moving memorial service at the Polish War Memorial and Graves at Wellshill Cemetery. The Cadets paid their respects by placing crosses at the graves and learning about the sacrifices made by Polish Troops during the War. It was heartening to hear a senior Cadet express their surprise at the number of graves and their lack of knowledge regarding the wartime contributions of Polish Troops.

MMC 0580

At the Polish War Memorial and war Graves

The Cadets placed Crosses with Poppies at graves then spent sometime going around the War Graves.

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    Paying homage to their fallen comrades

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Following the service, the group visited Edinburgh Castle, where they enjoyed stunning views and captured many photographs. The most popular item purchased by the Cadets to take home as gifts was "Heilan Coos." The day concluded with a challenging battle through the crowds to the bus and back to camp, where the group enjoyed a final evening of BBQ, Karaoke, and farewells. Overall, the week was a memorable experience for all involved, and the Battalion looks forward to future exchanges.

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    Meeting actors in period costume

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    Built for size, sentry post

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    Admiring the view

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    It’s all about the view

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