Exercise Poacher

A Company Pre-Camp Sets the Stage for an Exciting Annual Camp.

Exercise Poacher

29 June 2023

  • Leicestershire Northamptonshire And Rutland ACF

Amidst scorching temperatures last weekend, the cadets of A Company LNR ACF took to the field in their highly anticipated Pre-Camp; Exercise Poacher. Their relentless dedication and thirst for knowledge propelled them to give it their all, surpassing expectations and honing their skills in the field.


On Patrol

Fieldcraft and Navigation played an integral role throughout the entire weekend, as the cadets practiced their tactical skills with exceptional section attacks and harbour defenses. Their progress was a testament to the comprehensive training delivered by the Cadet Force Adult volunteers and the teamwork of the cadets.


Cadets waiting to move out of their harbour area

One of the highlights of this years Pre-Camp was an introduction to CASEVAC (Casualty Evacuation), a critical exercise that allowed the cadets to put their first aid skills to the test in high-pressure scenarios. Faced with this challenge, the cadets showcased their ability to lead whilst remaining calm and composed, ensuring the safety and well-being of their casualties.

Congratulations to Sergeant Wilkins on his well-deserved promotion. His unwavering commitment to excellence and adherence to the high standards set by both A Company and LNR ACF serve as an inspiration to all.

Major J Peplow (Officer Commanding A Company)

With the Pre-Camp now behind them, Exercise Poacher served as a stepping stone; preparing the members of A Company for the challenges that lie ahead... and the anticipation for the upcoming Annual Camp is building!

This exciting event promises to be a culmination of their intensive training, where the cadets will put their newfound skills and teamwork to the ultimate test. As they gear up for this years camp, the cadets and Adult Volunteers of A Company are brimming with confidence and excitement.


Sergeant Instructor Lucy Waller (A' Company)