Exercise Olympus Eagle Selection Weekend Day 2

Derbyshire ACF have woken up ready for Day 2 of their Exercise Olympus Eagle Selection Weekend

Exercise Olympus Eagle Selection Weekend Day 2

9 January 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

Good Morning!

The cadets had a very productive day yesterday, completing many different tasks and activities in their sections.

Assessments in drill, military knowledge, weapon handling tests, teamwork tasks and short interviews gave the cadets a chance to show their maximum capability and potential in order to gain a place on the exercise to Cyprus. The cadets were also given time to prepare their short presentations on their chosen topic.

Today, as a section, the cadets are discussing and offering their ideas for fundraising to staff and taking part in a physical training session. Later on, the cadets will individually present their mini presentations, before a final address from the staff and then leaving to head home.

It has been a really successful weekend and the cadets have shown a tremendous amount of team spirit, motivation, and determination to try their very best.

SSI Chadwick

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