Gold dofe badge

Ex Cpl Josh Marriott goes for Gold

Ex Cadet Josh Marriott achieves his Gold Dofe Award

Ex Cpl Josh Marriott goes for Gold

16 February 2021

  • Lincolnshire ACF

Ex Cdt Cpl Josh Marriott from 4 Company has achieved his Gold Dofe Award just prior to his 25th Birthday. Josh was a 3* Cadet 7 years ago and left the ACF as he timed out at 18 years of age.

Josh had completed most of his award prior to leaving the ACF, he then used his driving lessons as his skill which enabled him to complete his award. Josh also walked with his team across the Yorkshire Dales to complete his Gold Expedition.

Josh is also the proud owner of his Bronze and his Silver award and achieving his Gold Award was the icing on the cake. Well done Josh, due to Covid his presentation at St James' Palace has been delayed but hopefully this will happen in 2021.

Ex Cpl Josh Marriott, receiving his Gold Award