Royton Detachment Enrolment Night 14 12 12

Enrolment Ceremony from Recruit to Cadet

at Royton Detachment, No 2 (Kohima) Company

Enrolment Ceremony from Recruit to Cadet

15 December 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO Greater Manchester ACF

On Tuesday 14 December 2021 I was invited to attend an Enrolment Ceremony at Royton Detachment, No 2 (Kohima) Company.

The ceremony was on a smaller scale than it would have been prior to the covid restrictions. One family member was invited to watch from seats which were all socially distanced. All wore masks and each recruit wore a mask, except those who were exempt. The door and widows were also left open. Please note: Masks were removed by cadets for a few seconds only to have their picture taken receiving their beret.

The Enrolment Ceremony takes place after recruits complete up to 3 months Basic Training of the APC Syllabus. The Army Cadet Syllabus is a major component of the Cadet Experience, which aims to set our young people up for lifelong success. The following principles apply to all cadet training so that the Cadet Experience is maximised wherever it is delivered.

Basic Training includes, Basic Military Knowledge, Basic Drill and Turnout, Basic Navigation, Basic First Aid, Basic Keeping Active, Basic Community Engagement and more.

Once the ceremony was underway the Senior Cadet from the detachment, Cadet Sgt Ellie Mead, read out the introduction of each recruit to SMI Dave Crocker who in turn asked each recruit questions about their commitment to uphold the Values and Standards of the Army Cadets.

Each recruit then read out the cadet promise before being handed their beret and cap badge and welcomed as a cadet.

SMI Crocker said: “The parade was the culmination of around 8 plus weeks Basic training for these young people and many of them were taken far outside their comfort zone. But, with a combination of self-discipline, selfless commitment, and hard work, and of course a little bit of encouragement and support from our dedicated staff, they have come through and are now enrolled cadets and ready to take their place in our amazing youth organisation”.

Thank you also to SSI Paul Clarke for all his administrative work contacting parents/carers, preparing the certificates and to PI Curtis Aspin & PI Marcus Thorpe for helping to set up the detachment, to ensure the evening went to plan.

For pictures from the evening please click the link here

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