Devon ACF Hosts Royal Canadian Army Cadets

This weekend, cadets and CFAVs from across Devon ACF were joined by 3 Instructors from the Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC)

Devon ACF Hosts Royal Canadian Army Cadets

28 March 2021

  • Devon ACF

Cadets and CFAVs from across Devon ACF were delighted to receive 3 Instructors from the Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC) to hear about life in the RCAC, and the various exchange opportunities that are available in the ACF.

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Our cadets heard from Captain Murphy and Captain Simon from 2862 Cadet Corps based in Westmount, Quebec - a fully bilingual cadet unit (English and French Canadian), as well as from Captain Doyle of the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) HQ.

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“I thought that yesterday’s talk from the Royal Canadian Cadet Officers was very intriguing and interesting to me. They talked about the different systems they have like ranks and star levels which were interesting to look at the difference between the cadet forces. They also have an insight about the exchange trip which is exciting to look forward to - Loved it so much”

Cdt LCpl Cameron Woolley, South Molton Detachment (C Coy, Devon ACF)
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"It was both reassuring and inspiring to hear from our good friends in the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Force on Saturday.

Reassuring because they are facing and overcoming the same challenges as us in keeping our flame alive in these difficult times.

Inspiring because the professionalism shown by our colleagues across the Atlantic was obvious and their commitment to maintaining our friendship and common goal of offering the best possible wider cadet experience was clear.

A super afternoon that left me feeling proud to be part of a world wide ACF."

Colonel D L Skelton, Commandant Devon ACF

Well done to all of those who came along, and hopefully you're inspired to keep an eye out for the 2022 Canadian Exchanges and get your applications in!

Thanks to Captain Sanders (B Coy, Devon ACF) for his efforts in organising this presentation.