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Derbyshire Army Cadet Force - Annual Camp

Annual Camp - Day 3

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force - Annual Camp

8 August 2023

  • Derbyshire ACF

Day 3

It was great to have the East Midlands Colonel Cadets, Col Barr-Jones along with the Colonel Cadets (Designate), Col Doyle and East Midlands Regional Regimental Sergeant Major, RSM Cross with us today at our Annual Camp.

We begun by visiting the Senior Cadre before they deployed out to the field for 3 nights and Col Barr-Jones presented SMI Powell with his Royal Humane Society Award for saving a man from drowning last year. She further presented Cadet Cpl Rockley his promotion to Cadet Sergeant.

We visited C Company as they begun their Skill At Arms Training for the day and chatted with the cadets and adult volunteers. We then headed off to catch the B Company cadets rock climbing and abseiling the cliffs. The cadets were eager to get started and loved the challenge of abseiling and climbing!

We stopped by to see Derbyshire ACF's prestigious band and discussed all things music with Director of Music, Captain Ward. RSM Macpherson, and RSM Cross both were eager to get started and joined the cadets to try their hands at playing instruments.

A and D Company have deployed out into the field for their field exercise this morning and we visited them this afternoon. Cadets were cammed up, and receiving lessons in fieldcraft.

Finally, Col Barr-Jones surprised Cdt Sgt Thomas with not only her 4 star badge during field exercise but also a well deserved promotion to Cdt Sergeant Major! She was thrilled and was beaming from ear to ear!

All around, a great day had again on Annual Camp.

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