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Derbyshire ACF hold Combat Cadet Selection Weekend

Last weekend, Derbyshire ACF held their Combat Cadet Selection Weekend at Chilwell Cadet Training Centre.

Derbyshire ACF hold Combat Cadet Selection Weekend

24 January 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

Over the weekend of 21st - 23rd January, 19 cadets attended the eagerly awaited Combat Cadet Selection Weekend.

On Saturday morning the cadets completed a navigation exercise, whereby the cadets orienteered around the training area, focussing on their ability to use bearings correctly. They also practiced their fieldcraft skills, looking at how to move across the area and practice their harbour drills. Cadets were also involved in an observation exercise, including the use of Range Cards and Fire Control Orders.

Later on, in their sections, cadets had to accomplish command tasks together, concentrating on their teamwork abilities. They also had lessons in advanced fieldcraft, including fire and movement, ambush set up and reactions to fire control orders. Furthermore, all cadets had the opportunity to put their first aid skills to the test during a first aid exercise.

Finally on Sunday, cadets were put to their fitness test with a PT lesson, showed their capability during a weapons handling test and learnt how to extract orders.

The selection process was hard, and all cadets showed true determination and conviction to try their hardest. A huge well done to all the cadets that took part in the selection weekend.

The Combat Cadet competition only allows for a team of 10 and therefore a selection was made to make up the team.

A huge thanks to the Adult team who ensured this weekend was ran.

SSI Chadwick

County PRO

19 cadets attended selection and 10 were selected. The team consists of cadets from all 4 Coy areas therefore giving full representation and a one county approach.

The staff and the cadets gave it their all and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

SMI Paula Hickerman
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