Deputy Speaker visits C company

Dame Rosie Winterton, Doncaster MP, Visits C Company Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF – by Captain Vicki Brooks

Deputy Speaker visits C company

12 September 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Doncaster's Member of Parliament, Dame Rosie Winterton, recently paid a visit to C Company Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force (ACF), where she was warmly welcomed by a musical performance from the Corps of Drums.

Corps of Drums

During her visit, Dame Rosie engaged in a productive conversation with the enthusiastic parading cadets, gaining insights into their experiences and aspirations within the Army Cadet Force and after school/college. Her commitment to engaging with the community was evident as she met with the Officer Commanding C Company; Major Erica McCabe and the Deputy Commandant of Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF; Lieutenant Colonel mike Smith, discussing the positive impact of the ACF has on our young people.


The highlight of the visit was when Dame Rosie was honoured with the responsibility of presenting a commissioning scroll to Lieutenant Adam Fidment, recognising his dedication and achievements.

Lt Adam Fidment

Additionally, she had the privilege of officially promoting Cadet Staff Sergeant Emily Allen to the position of Cadet Company Sergeant Major, a testament her dedication and development & leadership skills.

Cdt CSM Allen

In the spirit of fostering open communication, Dame Rosie engaged in a two-way discussion with both the cadets and the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers of C Company. This exchange provided an opportunity for meaningful conversations about the benefits of the ACF, its role in shaping future leaders, and its contributions to the local community. While Dame Rosie was quizzed about her role in Parliament, and how she feels being a trailblazing female role model.

Dame Rosie Winterton's visit showcased her commitment to supporting initiatives that empower and educate young individuals. The event underscored the importance of youth organisations such as the ACF in nurturing skills, leadership qualities, and a strong sense of community among young people.