Day 7 of Annual Camp

for Greater Manchester ACF

Day 7 of Annual Camp

30 August 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

A Day in the Life of Cadets: Learning, Fun, and Friendship

Cadet training is a unique and enriching experience that blends learning, adventure, and teamwork. Today was a typical day in the lives of cadets which offers a glimpse into the diverse activities that contribute to their personal growth and development on camp. From route planning, Fieldcraft and laser tag to CIS training, every moment is carefully designed to teach skills and build lasting memories.

Route Card Preparation and Outdoor Exploration

Before going out on a walk, cadets plan and create a route card. This card outlines the journey they are about to undertake, detailing waypoints, landmarks, and key information about the route. This shows the importance of preparation and emphasises the importance of attention to detail to ensure the correct route is followed to get to their destination.

Laser Tag: Blending Recreation and Strategy

Laser tag is a favourite among cadets which offers a perfect blend of physical activity and strategic thinking. Dressed in headbands and equipped with sensors, cadets race around the area close to the classroom they are working from whilst working in teams to outwit their opponents.

CIS Training: From Theory to Practice

A critical component of modern military training is Communication & Information Systems (CIS). Cadets learnt the theory side of the CIS to help them understand the technology of the equipment the cadets use. However, theory alone is inadequate. Once the theory side was taught and understood the cadets moved outside to use the camp area to use the radios.

Distinguished Visitor

The National Colonel Cadets, Col Ashley Fulford, paid a visit to the camp (all the way from Devon!). Col Fulford spent his time observing lessons and chatting with cadets and staff about their experience of being part of the Army Cadets.

Boosting Morale: Padre's Presence

The cadet's well-being is of paramount importance. After evening meal, the Senior Padre, Rev Dr Padre Gerard Fieldhouse Byrne, went out onto the areas the cadets were on Fieldcraft. Padre Gerard didn’t just offer words of encouragement to the cadets and staff he went a step further and distributed packets of chocolate biscuits for everyone to share. This simple gesture boosts morale.

The soldiers from 5 Fusiliers continue to be a great asset in assisting the staff with giving the cadets a positive cadet experience. Same also to the Officer Cadets from Manchester & Salford UOTC. A huge thanks to them all for their hard work from day one.

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