Day 6 Annual Camp

Day 6 – Greater Manchester ACF Annual Camp 2022

Day 6 – Greater Manchester ACF Annual Camp 2022

23 August 2022

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

Another busy day today.

Most of the day I spent at the crag along the route of Hadrian’s Wall. The climb to the top carrying 2 heavy cameras was a challenge but if the cadets can reach the top, then so can I and it was worth it to see the cadets abseil from such a great height. After evening meal I went out to see the Training 1 Stars at their 2 days and 1 night fieldcraft camp. All were in good spirts with plenty of smiles.

It is so rewarding to watch so many young people push themselves to achieve so much which they are doing on this camp, in all the activities they are taking part in. I hope the pictures are showing this.

If you have not yet seen your child on a picture, please let me know as I will go and find them as I want to ensure every cadet has a picture for them to remember this Annual Camp. Some cadets love having their picture taken and some ask for a picture of themselves or with a group of friends, but I know not all cadets are as confident (yet) to come and ask so if I have missed your child out, please let me know.

For more pictures please click here

Thank you to the staff who all try to send pictures when they can. All are appreciated. Thank you to SMI Dave Crocker, SMI Ian Mackie and Major Lee Kennerley.

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Day 6 Annual Camp