Day 3 Annual Camp 2023

Day 3 of Annual Camp 2023

Day 3 of Annual Camp 2023

25 August 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

Annual Camp is in full swing. Day 3 was full of exciting activities.

Mountain Biking: The day began with a mountain biking session. Cadets learnt essential skills, which included how to navigate challenging terrains safely. The training took place in camp before they went off onto the training area.

Obstacle Course: Two soldiers from the Fifth Fusiliers taught the cadets skills in how to complete the obstacle course. Great to watch them all to push themselves to complete the course.

Short range course: The expertise of the range staff was evident, guiding cadets through marksmanship skills leading to some impressive scores.

The Fieldcraft exercise for the training 2 star cadets completed today with all cadets returning to camp looking rather dirty. However, by the evening, they were all lovely and clean again.

Padre Paul Sumsion, who has dedicated 12 years to Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force, was awarded the long service medal. NW Col Cadets, Col Ian Holmes, who was visiting camp today to speak to cadets and adult volunteers, took the opportunity to present this well-deserved recognition.

Promotions to Sergeant Instructor: SI Helen Middleham recently completed her Advanced Instructor Course. Lt Col Smillie announced her promotion from PI to SI, highlighting her dedication to volunteering with cadets.

Weapon Handling and Safety: Col Catherine Harrison underwent a weapon handling test, a critical aspect of the cadet training. The test was conducted by SMI Colin Dawson, ensuring the highest safety standards were met. The emphasis on a safe system of training underscores Greater Manchester ACF commitment to responsible instruction.

Thank you to everyone for following the cadets’ adventures. If I have not yet managed to get a picture or two of your cadet (child), please send me a message with your child’s name and I will go in search of them to get those smiles!

For pictures from Day 3 please click here

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Day 3 Annual Camp 2023