Annual Camp 2023 2

Day 1 of Annual Camp 2023

for Greater Manchester ACF

Day 1 of Annual Camp 2023

23 August 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

Day 1 of Annual Camp for Greater Manchester ACF

The first day of annual camp for Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force was full of excitement. The cadets arrived in coaches from all over Greater Manchester and were welcomed by the hardworking staff. Officer Cadets from Manchester and Salford UOTC took the responsibility of ensuring that the cadets were directed to their allocated accommodation.

The cadets returned to the parade square for a warm welcome by our Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison. Padre Valentine also shared words of wisdom and inspiration with the cadets.

To start the camp, ‘goody bags’ were distributed to each cadet. These bags contained useful items such as a mug, mess tin, cutlery, a bush hat, mosquito net, and a wash bag.

The cadets have been placed into cadres based on their star level. This is to facilitate training experiences for each level of experience and expertise of the cadet syllabus.

As the evening arrived our Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison, along with one of our dedicated non uniform volunteers, Nicola Grundy, took charge of the NAAFI for the cadets.

Already, the camp has become a place for the cadets to make new connections, well before the lights-out at 10:30pm. The first day of the annual camp has laid the groundwork for a memorable and enriching experience, marked by learning, teamwork, and the forging of lifelong memories.

For pictures from Day 1 please click here.

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Annual Camp 2023 2