Basic 1

D Company hold basic testing day.

D Company hold their basic testing day at Sinfin Detachment.

D Company hold basic testing day.

21 February 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

On Saturday 19th February, D Company held a day of Basic level assessments for cadets working towards their Army Proficiency Certificate.

24 cadets, from the Company’s 8 Detachments, spent the day at Sinfin Army Reserve Centre where they undertook First Aid, Foot Drill, Military Knowledge, Navigation & Skill at Arms.

Led by Lt Clegg and supported by Lt Thomas, SSI Smith, SI Barry, SI Hogwood, PI Seglina & PI White, staff ensured that cadets completed the day with a number of achievements.

The day was hugely successful with 27 navigation passes, 25 Skill at Arms and First Aid passes and 21 drill and military knowledge passes.

A great well done to all cadets that took part, and a further thankyou to the adult volunteers for holding the weekend for the cadets to attend.

Basic 1

Cadets take part in their recruit assessments.

Basic 2

First aid practice in full swing.

Basic 3

Getting to grips with skill at arms.