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D Company Cadets take a leap of faith

static line parachuting expedition - by SSI R Montgomery

D Company Cadets take a leap of faith

5 September 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Three cadets from D Company jumped with Netheravon Parachute School this weekend, as part of pursuing their cadet experience.

Corporal Tegan Barratt-Jones 16 from Manor Top Detachment, Lance Corporal Jake Carpenter 17 from Endcliffe Detachment and Cadet Jake Robinson 17 from Hillsborough Detachment joined the County contingent who travelled to Netheravon on Friday night.

Netheravon is the home of the Red Devils, the British Army parachuting team.

After a night’s sleep, the team lead by Lieutenant Liz Field supported by Sergeant Instructor Kirsty Brooks from Pocklington Detachment B Company, undertook a full day of intensive ground training before taking to the air. This included simulated jumping protocols, experience of hanging in a harness to practice drills once out of the plane, landing safely practices, and the aftermath of collecting the deployed parachute.

Corporal Jake Robinson, who carried out two static jumps from 4000 feet, said “I was proper nervous and going up on the plane was adrenaline, and then jumping was proper scary for the first couple of seconds, and then it was quiet and you are floating through the air – very peaceful. Of the two jumps, he said that it was “better the second time”. Corporal Robinson is aiming to join the Parachute Regiment, and is currently working on his fitness in preparation for that in the next few months.

Lance Corporal Jake Carpenter carried out a tandem jump from 14000 feet said “If you fail the static jump test, you get to jump from 14000 feet strapped to an instructor, which was right good”. Of the facilities, he said “having to pay for every meal was annoying, we didn’t take enough money with us. On camps, meals are provided. We had a ration pack this morning but were not anticipating having to be self-sufficient. The whole experience was just wicked.” Our cadets met some of the local cadets also on the course, and introduced the posh southern cadets to “some proper Up North talking”.

Corporal Tegan Barratt-Jones also carried out a tandem jump from 14000 feet said “The training was very long, and we had to wait until all the static jumpers made their jumps before we could leave the ground so there was a lot of waiting around”. Of her tandem partner she said “I told him I hated him during the jump because it was scary and I do not like heights. When we landed, I told him I didn’t mean it, and that I actually enjoyed it”.

Team leader Lieutenant Liz Field said: “It was a pleasure watching the cadets develop out of their own comfort zones. Well done to all jumpers.”

Sergeant Instructor Kirsty Brooks said: “Cadets worked hard as a team, and pulled together well especially when dealing with wobbles of confidence”.