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Cpl Orr Shooting Success!

Cpl Orr Shooting Success!

29 August 2021

  • 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion ACF


Today we shout-out to Cdt Cpl Jack Orr of Breda Detachment, F Company who was competing in his first National Rifle Association Imperial Meeting earlier this month, whereby he performed exceptionally well under extremely hot and uncomfortable conditions he would not normally be used to.

Cpl Orr was originally selected due to represent the Ireland team due to his outstanding shooting performance and competed in 15 individual competitons spread over 6 days. Cpl Orr shot steadily with 3 shoots a day varying from 3, 5, 6, 900 and 1000 yards with his most notable achievements being a highest possible score ever achieved (his first ever may we add) a 50.6v to finish 6th out of 591 competitors in total, which secured him a bronze bar, monetary award and the Tyro tankard for The Corporation 1000 yard shoot. In turn this qualified Cpl Orr into qualifying for the chairman's prize tyro final, narrowly missing out on an embroidered badge.

This is an outstanding performance by Cpl Orr and as a Battalion we are extremely proud he was specially selected to compete. Cpl Orr is now currently competing at The Jersey Open shooting competition while fulfilling the prestigious role as ‘Team Captain’ (Channel Islands) and again representing 2nd (NI) Bn ACF and Team Ireland - we wish him the very best of luck!

Well done ☘️

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