2 Lt Jemma Gee

Promotion from SSI to 2Lt

Congratulations to 2Lt Jemma Gee

Promotion from SSI to 2Lt

12 July 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

Lt Colonel Paul Smillie, Deputy Commandant, recently made a special visit to Belle Vue Detachment, No 2 (Kohima) Company to promote SSI Jemma Gee to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Lt Col Smillie said, "I was very pleased to be able to promote SSI Gee to 2nd Lieutenant after she successfully passed the Cadet Commission Board. Jemma has a genuine cadet-focused approach to her role as Detachment Commander of Belle Vue and always has the welfare and wellbeing of those under her care at the forefront of her thinking. I am confident that Jemma has a bright future ahead as a Commissioned Officer with Greater Manchester ACF and will see Belle Vue Detachment grow and thrive."

Lt Col Smillie's quote resonated the admiration for 2Lt Gee's dedication and the positive impact she has made on the cadets under her guidance. Lt Col Smillie asserted her potential future will be filled with accomplishment and success.

Congratulations on your promotion.

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2 Lt Jemma Gee


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