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Commandant's Coin awarded

During our first parade on annual camp, Derbyshire ACF awarded two commandant's coins.

Commandant's Coin awarded

8 August 2023

  • Derbyshire ACF

On Sunday morning, during the first parade of 400 cadets, Lt Col Dobb, Deputy Commandant for Derbyshire ACF, for the first time in Derbyshire, awarded two commandant's coins to Major Adam Stringer and WO2 Phil Hayes MBE.

Major Stringer, County Training Officer and WO2 Hayes, Training Safety Advisor were recognised for their hard work and efforts of the preparation and adaptation of Annual Camp 2023.

The Commandant's coin is awarded for excellence and is a true recognition of their commitment to the Army Cadet Force and further more, Derbyshire Army Cadet Force.

A huge well done to both Major Stringer and WO2 Hayes from all of us at Derbyshire ACF. We are thankful for your efforts and your commitment towards the cadets, volunteers and planning that goes into all camps and training.

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