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Christmas Camp 2023

Christmas Camp 2023

Christmas Camp 2023

4 January 2024

  • Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders Battalion ACF

Cadets from Dumbarton West (E) Company and Clackmannan (C) Company took on Garelochhead in strength at the start of December for Christmas Camp.

Some of the cadets spent Saturday completing a Christmas themed round robin whilst our 2* cadets got to go to Faslane to complete their shooting. Saturday night we had our annual Christmas dinner and disco, thank you to 2nd Lt East for organising such a successful weekend.

On Sunday, Captain Whay had the pleasure to hand out certificates to the Purple Team who were overall winners of Saturday’s Competition Day. We also had lots of ACS Passes.

Basic: Cadet Martin,

1 Star: Cadet McCormack,

2 Star- Lance Corporal McKernan, Lance Corporal Robertson, Lance Corporal Hartley, Lance Corporal Gormley, Lance Corporal Masson, Lance Corporal Nazir, Lance Corporal Galloway and Lance Corporal Flannagan Marksman Shooting Badges were awarded too- Lance Corporal Gormley, Lance Corporal McCandlish, Lance Corporal Hartley, Lance Corporal Flannagan, Lance Corporal Roberts, Lance Corporal Robertson, Lance Corporal Sheridan and Lance Corporal Masson.

Congratulations also to Lance Corporals Gormley and Flannagan on their promotions to Corporal. Well Deserved. Captain Whay also had the honour of presenting Corporal Adkins with the company commanders cadet of the year.

We also said goodbye to our cadets that are turning 18 over the festive period, good luck and thank you for all your hard work during your time in the cadets. Thank you to all the CFAVS and PSS that made this weekend possible.


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