Chesterton Cadets Awarded The Commandant's Coin

Chesterton Cadets Awarded The Commandant's Coin

18 June 2020

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

With the cessation of all ACF “face to face” training until 1st Sept, “Keeping the ACF alive” is the key aim for all members of the ACF during the covid19 lockdown.

We have seen many examples of this from Detachment training delivered by virtual means (Microsoft Teams), camping out in back gardens, exercise walks and a cake “bake off “from No 1 Company…………….all great stuff to engage in!!!!

So here is one with a difference.

Armed with mobile phones, video creation software and a vision to create a cadet version of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E Award) Scheme Information video, two Cadets from Chesterton Detachment had a mission.

L Cpl’s Sheetal Chopra and Lara Guiet working out of their own home bedrooms had this brilliant idea of producing this video. So the practicality of research, scripting, recording and editing were all points to consider. Both are already completing their D of E Award, so they had background knowledge of the Scheme.

Sounds a plan, but co-ordinating all these elements to produce a professional quality video aimed at Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) in Chesterton Detachment was certainly a challenge……….more so from two separate locations!

The production is professional, accurate and shows great research skills. Although initially aimed at Chesterton Detachment only, with their permission, it has been agreed to use it as a resource for all thirty one Detachments in Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force.

Both Cadets showed great ingenuity in unprecedented circumstances and selflessly produced this resource which is of great benefit to all ACF personnel, Cadet or Adult.

Colonel M. Knight MBE DL, Commandant said ”this video is a brilliant piece of work from two cadets who demonstrate that the lockdown restrictions can lead to new challenges, skills and benefits. I am pleased to award the Commandant’s Coin to each Cadet as an acknowledgement of their achievement in producing this video”

Cadets are encouraged to take part in The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme as it provides challenge , adventure and International recognition by education and employers. All Cadets are eligible to enrol from 1st August – To find out more see the video!

Note: A virtual presentation of the Commandant’s Coin will be made next week during the Detachments “virtual” training session.

The video can be viewed here.

Text by Colonel Knight MBE DL