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Charlie Hughes is four cadets in one!

Charlie Hughes is four cadets in one!

16 February 2024

  • Kent ACF

Dover Detachment Cadets interview one of their friends about their life and experience in The Army Cadet Force

Cadet Lance Corporal Mahieu interviews Cadet Charlie Hughes

Charlie Hughes is more than just a cadet; he is four cadets in one as he serves with four out of the five cadet units in Dover and probably has the best parade night attendance record at Dover Detachment. To learn a little bit more about what motivates Charlie we asked his fellow cadet from the Dover detachment Lance Corporal Timeo Mahieu to interview him about his life as a cadet.

Charlie Hughes parades at four different cadet units a week in Dover. Starting at his school CCF at Astor College where he is a Lance Corporal, 354 Squadron of the Air Training Corps, Dover Army Cadets and with the B Company Corps of Drums.

I asked Charlie why he enjoys cadets and what made him join:

“I enjoy being a cadet very much and most of my week is dedicated to my cadet units, and after hearing about the cadets from my sister a former member of the CCF I knew it was something I wanted to do, so as soon as possible following the end of the pandemic I decided to join, and I was the first new cadet to join the CCF after lockdown”.

After a short time, Charlie was keen to do more with his spare time and the Commanding Officer at his CCF helped him to join Kent Army Cadet Force at Dover detachment. When the parade nights at Dover changed Charlie said he saw an opportunity to join the Air Training Corps that was parading on different nights.

Despite having never touched a drum before, Charlie decided that with the formation of the new B Company Corps of Drums at Dover it was time to join another detachment.

Charlie hopes to achieve a bronze brassard by the end of the year and also said that he is very thankful to his OC at Astor CCF for everything she has done to support him.

Charlie said he would recommend that anyone try cadets who is interested in doing something different with their spare time.

Charlie says he loves cadets because it has helped him grow from a quiet and shy person to someone who is keen to take part in large parades and is now confident to try different exciting things.

Written by Cadet Lance Corporal Mahieu

Dover Army Cadet Force

Dover both

Left to right: Cadet Bell and Cadet Hughes

“The main reason I am so keen and enthusiastic about cadets, is because I have always been treated as an equal and this is very important to me as I have mental and physical disabilities”