Caithness Lord Lieutenant's Awards Night

On Thursday 8 June our Cadets from Caithness held at Presentation Evening at the Royal British Legion in Thurso, with the guest of honor as the Lord Lieutenant of Caithness Viscount John Thurso who made several presentations to the cadets and adults from the Battalion.

Caithness Lord Lieutenant's Awards Night

2 July 2023

  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF

The first presentation was made to Cadets Lucy Herd (13), Tyler Richardson (12) and Euan Young (13), from Halkirk Detachment, who all received their Basic Certificates and Badges from the Lord Lieutenant, marking the completion of their Basic Syllabus Training which is the first step on the cadet ladder.

Throughout the evening the Lord Lieutenant made several promotions including to Halkirk Detachment Potential Instructors Simon Flear (40) and Christopher Gunn (25), who received their promotions to Sergeant Instructor, following completion of his Advanced Instruction Course which is the final course an Adult Volunteer completes in becoming an Adult Instructor with the Army Cadets. During the course the PIs deliver lessons on Navigation, Fieldcraft and Drill, but also be given the opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills and friends from outside their respective Army Cadet County.

Also receiving a promotion was Cadet Corporal Calum Prideaux (17), from Halkirk Detachment, who received his promotion to Sergeant from the Lord Lieutenant.

Adults from the Battalion were also recognised for their long outstanding service to the Army Cadets. SMI Keith Farquhar (46), from Halkirk Detachment, who was presented with a Lord Lieutenants Certificate for Meritorious Service for his service to the Cadet Forces. SMI Farquhar has been part of the Battalion since 2005.

Cadets were also commended for their Community Work, which saw Halkirk cadets Sgt Calum Prideaux and Cpl John Bremner (17) both receive an Army Cadet Charitable Trust President's awards for Community Service for their work in the local Halkirk Community which includes the regular litter picking the Detachment takes part in over the weekend.

The final presentation was to Cpl Keanu Jones (16), from Thurso Detachment, who was received his certificate of appointment as the new Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet of Caithness. The yearlong appointment will see Cpl Jones be given the honour to assist the Lord Lieutenant of Caithness in their duties in his capacity as His Majesty’s Representative to the County of Caithness. Cpl Jones has been a member of the Army Cadet Force since September 2018. Over his time with the cadets he has attempted to take part in everything available to a cadet in the ACF. He has taken part in several competitions that cadets can enter over the years and has recently represented the Battalion in the Cadet Cambrian Patrol held in Wales, assisting the team in claiming Gold. Cpl Jones takes over the position from fellow cadet, Sgt Callum Prideaux.

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