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Cadets show up at ‘PockDown’

Pocklington cadets at community festival - By 2Lt S Bone

Cadets show up at ‘PockDown’

7 October 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Earlier this year Pocklington Rugby Club hosted their second annual ‘ PockDown’, an event designed to encourage the townspeople to get together following lockdown and join in with family fun activities, listen to live music and support the stands of local tradespeople.

Five cadets from Pocklington Detachment volunteered to host the ACF stand in the youth groups section and showed off their drill, first aid and fieldcraft skills to potential cadets and their families and friends.

The younger children particularly enjoyed leopard crawling with the wooden rifles under the cam nets and many were keen to have a go at CPR with the Little Anne first aid manikins. We also had plenty of volunteers wanting to have a go and ‘slot into’ the squad for some drill practice around the event.

It was good to see the cadets engaging with their community, answering questions about their own experiences and chatting to some forces veterans who were keen to share their own stories. It was also an excellent opportunity for recruitment and the detachment has gained some new recruits in the weeks following.

Thank you to Cdt Sgt Brooks, Cdt Cpl Jenkins, Cdt LCpl Knight and Cadets Greensted and Ripley for volunteering and for their friendly manner and enthusiasm.

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