Cadets Engage in STEM Course, Exploring Military…

Cadets Engage in STEM Course, Exploring Military Technology, and Innovation

3 November 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By SI Sean Smith, No 3 (Somme) Company

Recently, a group of cadets from No 3 (Somme) Company attended a STEM focused course, facilitated by the Royal Engineers (RE), REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers), RLC (Royal Logistic Corps), Royal Signals, and RMP (Royal Military Police). The course was to show the cadets the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, offering an insight into the military's technological prowess and innovation.

Throughout the week long course, cadets were exposed to a diverse array of roles and functions within the armed forces. The Royal Engineers provided hands on demonstrations, showcasing construction, field engineering, and other crucial tasks. Meanwhile, REME shed light on maintenance and mechanical operations. The RLC offered insights into the intricate web of logistics and supply chain management. The Royal Signals presented communication and technological advancements, and the RMP detailed their critical roles in maintaining order and security within the military.

This STEM focused initiative was more than just an explanation on the use of equioment; cadets were given practical exposure to military equipment and tasks. One particularly engaging session involved the creation of personalised keyrings, an initiative by the Royal Signals. This activity not only allowed cadets to craft their own keepsake but also offered a learning opportunity, shedding light on the vital work undertaken by the Signals unit.

Such programs not only provide a valuable educational experience but also serve to inspire and potentially guide the future paths of those involved. The engagement with STEM concepts within a military context broadens horizons, fostering an appreciation for innovation, problem-solving, and the practical applications of technology in the armed forces.

The STEM course provided an invaluable platform for cadets to explore the technology, engineering, and innovation within the military landscape, leaving them with a newfound understanding and appreciation for the different roles these units undertake in service to their country.

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Thank you to SI Sean Smith and SI Jordon Holmes for the pictures.

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