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Cadets Display Exceptional Selflessness and Teamwork

During Water Safety Test at Kielder Water

Cadets Display Exceptional Selflessness and Teamwork

9 September 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By 2Lt Peter Lloyd, Tyldesley Detachment, No 5 (Anzio) Company.

During the days of Adventurous Training on Annual Camp, one particular group act of selflessness stood out.

In a remarkable display of teamwork and compassion, a group of dedicated cadets demonstrated true heroism during a water safety test at Kielder Water. When one cadet experienced anxiety, the following cadets, Cpl Aubrey, LCpl Sumsion, Cdt Osman, Cdt McGrath, and Cdt Jeffery-Leyland, went to his aid, offering support and encouragement. Cadet Sgt Sulley took charge, ensuring a calm environment, while Cdt Jeffery-Leyland, a trained lifeguard, swam back to the edge of the water with the cadet, providing encouragement.

This exceptional act embodies the ACF core values showing bravery, and selflessness. Equally commendable is the cadet who, despite anxiety, summoned the courage to face the water test, demonstrating extraordinary resilience.

Well done to all involved for exemplifying true heroism and upholding the highest standards of the ACF.

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Canoeing 12