Cadet Willcox receives the Commandants Coin

Cadet Wilcox gave emergency first aid to an injured cyclist

Cadet Willcox receives the Commandants Coin

2 September 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On Tuesday 26th July, Cadet Richard Willcox of Talavera Detachment, Peterborough, came to the assistance of an injured cyclist, rendering emergency first aid and earning the thanks of the Police. In doing so, Cadet Willcox demonstrated many of the ACF's Values and Standards, including Discipline, Selfless Commitment to Others, professionalism and Duty of Care. This resulted in him being awarded the Commandant’s Coin for Excellence at Annual Camp.

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Cadet Willcox outside his Detachment.

15 year-old Cadet Willcox joined Talavera Detachment five months ago, and plans to go on to join the Armed Forces or Police. He has enjoyed first aid training, and fieldcraft, as well as the ‘community’ aspect of his Detachment, including making new friends. His enthusiasm for first aid is such that he regularly carries a first aid kit. His Detachment Commander, SSI Johnson, said; "Since joining the ACF, Cdt Willcox has focused on becoming a leader. It came as no surprise when I heard he stopped and helped out. He has done the Detachment proud, and has set a great example to his peers"


Cdt Willcox is awarded the Cmdt's Coin.

On 26th July Cadet Willcox was on his way to Detachment when he came across the scene of an accident in which a cyclist had been struck by a car. He said; “I saw a group of people surrounding something. It was a cyclist, with multiple head wounds and an elbow wound, he was bleeding quite a lot. I checked that somebody had called an ambulance and then carried out first aid by applying dressings to the wounds. It was quite scary when I first saw the injuries, but I quickly started the first aid, almost without thinking. My ACF training helped me to take control of the scene, to keep calm and put into practice my first aid training.”

When the police arrived at the scene a short time later, they were impressed to see a cadet assisting the casualty. PC Martin Lobley said: “Please pass on our thanks to him. He administered first aid, stayed with the cyclist, not letting him leave due to a nasty head injury. Richard remained calm, telling us what he had done and passing over other relevant information. We were impressed by his mature attitude and willingness to be involved. He is a credit to your service.”

The Police asked him to stay with the cyclist while they took statements from eyewitnesses. The cyclist was transported to hospital and is expected to fully recover.


The Commandant's Coin

On August 14th, on the last day of Annual Camp, Cadet Willcox was awarded the Commandant’s Coin in recognition of his outstanding actions. Our Commandant, Colonel Deacon said: “Cadet Willcox used the first aid training that he received from the Army Cadet Force to ensure the casualty received effective first aid as quickly as possible. The discipline he demonstrated, together with his enthusiasm for helping others, is an inspiration to us all.”

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart