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Cadet RSM Thurston's first interview in role

Cadet RSM Thurston was promoted during camp this year, we had a chat with her about the role and her time in cadets.

Cadet RSM Thurston's first interview in role

30 August 2023

  • Sussex ACF

Congratulations, what does it feel like being the new Cadet RSM?

It’s a bit daunting and also exciting and there are big boots to fill. Most cadets only know one or two cadet RSM’s so I have to be the example. It’s different to any other rank I've held before, you meet a lot of interesting people and learn more about the logistics and adult side works and wider understanding of how the cadet forces work behind the scenes so to speak.

Highlight of camp?

The Chinook. Joining in with the C company adult vs cadets football match. Hosting and organising the cadet RSM dinner, which gave me a chance to recognise the hard work of the senior cadet NCO's on camp and say thank you to some of the adults who have helped shape me and supported my cadet experience and career. Meeting Brigadier Rolland and Lieutenant General Cave who both gave me advice on my role and future plans.


Meeting Brigadier Rolland

Speaking of future of plans, you’ve just won an army scholarship, tell us more.

First of all I had to apply and fill in the forms. I had a medical form to fill in with my GP, my head teacher had to write a report on my school performance and my general character. I then had an interview with Major Heybern where he asked about leadership experience and carry plans, this was a remote interview. All the elements went to board where they then make a decision on whether to invite me to the army scholarship board at Westbury which i was lucky enough to get through.

We went through lots of testing, Physical and mental assessments, command tasks, memory tests, two interviews, a planning exercise obstacle course team tasks. In the evening we had some time to relax as group. We then had to wait for the results to come through and i was delighted when I had been selected.

What does the scholarship mean?

It means I’ll be supported with my tuition fees through year 13 and university and after university I will have a place at Sandhurst ready to start my career as an army officer.

Tell us more about your time in cadets?

I joined in September 2018, I joined No.25 Heathfield, I joined with five others. My aspiration to was to pass the highest rank in the detachment at the time and competing with those I joined with to move up the ranks. I did my JCIC during covid on zoom. I did my 3 * assessment on my birthday which was fun and I was able to leave as soon as it had finished so I could go to my birthday party. I had a good group, quite an eccentric mix for 3 * training and testing, we would play cards on the drill square. Expedition was great, that was in Dorset on the south coast path in summer. Annual camp last year was good fun, March and Shoot sticks in my mind. I’ve done SCIC, 4* Fieldcraft and Master Cadet in the last year. Fieldcraft was fun with river crossing and ambushes. The commandant watched my final attack, it went almost completely to plan. SCIC was up in Oxfordshire, most of their cadets knew each other and it was a great chance to see how other counties work and the different levels of training.

You just got back from Master Cadet is that correct?

Yes, I was on one of the courses just before camp. It was at the National training centre at Frimley, it’s a quite imposing building when you go for the first time. We did the log run and obstacle course with the log. We were in the field for four days which is the longest I've spent on exercise. We had a bridge building exercise during that was fun.

What advice do you have for cadets coming through now?

Use your NCO’s and take their advice, they’ve got the knowledge and you can really learn from them, ask questions and listen to the answers. Don’t stop trying, I had to redo my 3 Star shoot 13 times before I passed it.

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