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C Company Target Shooting Team

What a great bunch of young people we have in our company.

C Company Target Shooting Team

17 April 2023

  • 1st Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

With only a few days of practice at 100yrds they took up the challenge to be part of the C Coy NICRM team. The Team fired at ranges from 300yrds to 600yrds.We had some fantastic first time shooting at distance. With L/cpl Grimason J from Ballymena hitting a 32.2 out of 35.7 on her first attempt at 600yrds. The other cadets peaked at mid to high 20 scoring, this gives the company a great foundation for the future.Great weekend with alot of hard work and effort put in by the cadets.

SMI J Johnston Bn Shooting Officer

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