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Britannia Company Subunit Annual Camp 2022

Britannia Company Subunit Annual Camp 2022

14 August 2022

  • Norfolk ACF

After 10 days at our Training Centre (and a couple of nights under bashas), Britannia Company have completed their 2022 subunit summer camp.

Britannia Company deployed to Thetford this year where they were shown to their rooms and new bunk mates followed by a brief presentation of what they can expect for the next 10 days.

Britannia Company started with a 3 day range package which included firing: .22, 5.56 and air rifle pellets at targets whilst working on their individual weapons skills, some of the older cadets also were able to fire on the 'Fall when hit' targets at 200m.

After Shooting, the company deployed to the field for a further 3 days where they would recap and refresh their basic fieldcraft skills before starting to stretch and challenge themselves of working towards their next star level.

Post fieldcraft, the company came back to the centre and sorted out their kit and could begin the Adventurous Training (AT) package. This consisted of a day at Whittingham Country Park where the cadets got a chance to try; Paddle boarding, Kayaking and Sailing, an afternoon of cross country motorbike riding along with a half day of laser tag at Snetterton.

Its fair to say that by the end of camp, the adults and cadets alike were all tired but they had all achieved a lot.

Roll on next year!

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