26 Bleep Test Level 9

Breaking News... Major Eamonn Coogan smashes Army Fitness…

All for Combat Stress.... Could you do it?

Breaking News... Major Eamonn Coogan smashes Army Fitness Test

7 January 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

Major Eamonn Coogan Cadet Executive Officer for the Royal County of Berkshire Army Cadets today made his way to ATR Pirbright Selection Centre to complete his physical fitness challenge for Combat Stress who help former servicemen and women with mental health problems such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. His goal was to pass the Army Fitness Level to a high standard for his 60th birthday.

As he approached the guardroom to book into the Selection Centre it brought back memories of his own selection 42 years ago when he joined the Royal Irish Regiment.

Once he arrived in the Selection Centre, he was hosted by Retired Captain Simon Donal, who is one of the Managers at the Centre, who has kindly facilitated and arranged for Major Coogan to take on the British Army’s Fitness Standard for Selection.

Major Coogan was given his “candidate bib” aptly numbered “60” to honour his upcoming 60th birthday! He was taken for his warmup and then onto the first test the “ball throw”, this is a weighted ball that is thrown as far as you can sitting down! The minimum distance is 3.1 metres.

The next test was the “pull up bar”, here strength is tested via a platform and bar which is pulled upwards as if carrying out a “dead lift”, to pass this test a minimum of 79kg is to be achieved.

The final test is the “Multistage Fitness Test” where candidates carry out a 20-metre shuttle run which increases in difficulty following a “bleep” the minimum requirement for the infantry is Level 8.7.

Impressively Major Eamonn Coogan not only completed ALL the tests but his scores were:

Ball throw 4 Metres, Pull Up Bar a whopping 140KG and the run, he smashed Level 10! What does that mean? Major Eamonn Coogan passed the fitness level for over 53 Jobs in the British Army, he exceeded the levels required for the Infantry, Artillery, Signals, and the Royal Logistics Corps. Not only that he passed the fitness level needed for the Royal Irish Regiment which he joined 42 years ago.

A huge congratulations on such a fantastic achievement, all for a great cause. Have a fantastic birthday.

Photo credit – FoxRaven Photography

There is still time to get Major Coogan to his £5000 target by clicking the link below:


  • 1 Bib Number start

    Start number

  • 4 wearing bib

    All Ready to start

  • 10 ball throw

    Ball Throw

  • 15 Pull up complete

    Pull up Bar

  • 17 Bleep Test start

    Multi Stage Fitness Start

  • 22 Bleep Test Level 5 Turning

    Strong Start Level 5 DONE

  • 26 Bleep Test Level 9

    Working Hard Level 9

  • 31 Bleep Test Level 10


  • 33 Bleep Test Catching breath

    All over completed

  • 34 Award

    Awarded the Pass

  • Final Picture

    Proud moment

  • Combat Stress shirt

    All for Combat Stress

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The Pull up bar