Stockport Cemetery 16.10.2021

Being a cadet is more than just military themed training

Community involvement plays a huge part in what we do.......

Being a cadet is more than just military themed training

19 October 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By Major Andy Pilling, Company Commander, No 3 (Somme) Company

Being a cadet is not just about doing military training. It’s also about being part of the local community and helping that local community.

Cadets from No 3 (Somme) Company not only gave up their time to help in the local community, they also keep alive the memories of young men who left Stockport and went to war in the First World War and lost their lives.

Gunner Ellis Adshead, Lance Corporal Ernest Edward Boswell, Private John Edward Bruce, Private W H C Crossely, Private George Meikle and Private Isaac Nelms.

Brunswick Wesleyan Chapel and Graveyard in Stockport is in the middle of a busy roundabout in the centre of Stockport. 1000s drive on the road around the Graveyard, not knowing what is behind the greenery.

The Friends of Stockport Cemeteries volunteers keep the graveyard clean and cut back the shrubbery.

On Saturday 16th of October cadets and staff from No 3 (Somme) Company worked to cut back the shrubbery and help make the graveyard more presentable. CSMI Mark Woodward, a professional gardener as his full time job, took control of cutting back large overgrown plants and trees assisted by SSI Danny Mayo, whilst the cadets did general weeding and tidying.

In attendance Cpl Tonge along with Cadets Murison, Smith, Lees, Worrall and Burgess.

Following a hard mornings work the cadets went home. Knowing that they have helped their community and remembering those who lost their lives over a hundred years ago. But still remembered.

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  • Stockport Cemetery 16.10.2021
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