B Company Mark the Retirement of their Long Serving CAA

B Company marked the retirement of their long serving Cadet Administrative Assistant (CAA) Mr David Rutherford with a Regimental Dinner in his honour.

B Company Mark the Retirement of their Long Serving CAA

26 October 2021

  • 1st Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

David has served over 31 years in the ACF spending 22 of them years as the CAA B Company, having taken up the position in 1999 he was at the hub of everything happening in B Company for all those years.

David has seen many changes over the years as he has served under 5 different Company Commanders, he has always had the cadets and CFAV in mind ensuring the cadets got their uniform within a few weeks of them joining in his words “a happy cadet is a cadet in uniform “ as well as supporting the detachment CFAV’s by making sure they had everything that they need to get the job done.

David who is also a CFAV in the position of Battalion Public Relations Officer will remain in that roll for a while yet.

Mr Rutherford said “I would like to thank the OC and all the CFAV for a wonderful evening and it was great to see some old friends and colleagues from over the past years.

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