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B Company Cadets Jumping For Joy!

A few weeks ago, a group of intrepid B Coy cadets embarked on an amazing adventure - a parachuting weekend at Netheravon in Wiltshire!

B Company Cadets Jumping For Joy!

11 April 2023

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The group spent the weekend of 17-19th March at the Skydive Centre (being trained by members of the Army Parachute Association) before taking their solo jumps on the Sunday.

Watched by SSI Megan Greenwood, SSI Graham Wilkinson and SI Jonathan Whitehead (the trip organiser), the excited cadets took off from Netheravon Airfield, and it wasn't long before their parachutes could be seen coming down from the sky.

SSI Wilkinson said later," I have been in the ACF for 12 years and I must say, I have never been so proud of the cadets who jumped at 3000 feet today - you are a credit to the cadets."

Later on, Cadet Staff Sgt Olivia Kennedy described her jump as 'the maddest experience'. She added, "My best bit was emerging from the clouds, it was amazing, a hoot and a half!"

Cadet Sgt Phoebe Clark said," The whole experience felt surreal. My favourite part was that realisation of being on my own - it was very peaceful. Waiting to jump was quite nerve-wracking, but thankfully I didn't have too long before it was my turn."

Well done to the cadets, and many thanks to all of the CFAVs whose involvement gave these cadets the experience of a lifetime!

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