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Cornwall Army Cadets Shine at National Armed Forces Day…

Over 100 Cadets and Volunteers Showcase Their Skills in a Spectacular Parade and Fieldgun Demonstration

Cornwall Army Cadets Shine at National Armed Forces Day Celebration in Falmouth

26 June 2023

  • Cornwall ACF
Cornwall Army Cadets took part in Armed Forces Day in Falmouth on Saturday 24th june 2023. The Falmouth event was chosen as the national celebration and all effort was made to make it an amazing occasion.

Over 100 cadets and adult volunteers took part in the parade while many others were helping behind the scenes. Serving personnel, reservists, veterans and cadets from Army, Navy and Air Force took part.
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The cadets also took part in a Fieldgun Demonstration which they have been training for over the last few months. It was fantastic to watch!
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