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Annual Camp - Day 4

Range day for all except B coy in the field

Annual Camp - Day 4

9 August 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Another great day on Camp, and a busy one. Our guests from the National Cadet Corps of India and their escorts from Lothian & Boarders ACF headed out to join B Company in the field.

Whilst the B company cadets continued their exercise the NCC contingent were taken through ambush drills.

They also had a visit from the Commandant Colonel Owen and guests, Colonel Cadets – Colonel Emerson, the Honorary Colonel – Colonel Simon Banks-Cooper and Major David Prew – OC Cadet Training Team.

After a ration pack lunch and spending some time with the B company cadets they headed out to put their skills into action, firing the GP rifle for the first time in an ambush exercise.

After the evening meal and they spent some time training with the signals equipment.

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The rest of the county headed out to the ranges for a day of shooting.

It was an impressive sight to see E Company march out of camp heading to the range on foot, and the extra wide smiles upon their return.

While C and D Companies, bused out a little further to the North Barry Range, where background activities of first aid and skill at arms were taking place.

As the first serial started firing, the Commandant and his guests visited the cadets.

The cadets from both companies were in very high spirits taking part in their background activities, Colonel Banks-Cooper got stuck with an impromptu lesson for the RAF Air Cadets on flying as he is himself a licensed pilot, which seemed to have the cadets captivated.

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After the training for the day ended, Colonel Owen hosted a mess function where the Corps of Drums played for the invited guests before they sat down for a Indian buffet.

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