Coasteering 2

Annual Camp - Day 3

Fieldcraft, Adventure Training, Drill, laser shotgun, tag archery and much more..

Annual Camp - Day 3

9 August 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Another sunny day today… and a busy one as the training groups spent the day fully engaged in their training activities.

E Company woke from another night under the stars heading into noisy rehearsals then a blank firing exercise in the afternoon. There were some tired but very happy three star faces upon their return to camp.

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Our guests from the National Cadet Corps of India began three days of joint activities with our training companies. Their first day was some essential weapons training in the morning, followed by an afternoon of fun with laser shotgun, tag archery and gun run sessions.

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D Company headed out to the first day of their two-day adventure training package, the groups were split between Whitewater-rafting & mini Highland Games and Coasteering & mountain biking. Although there were some nervous cadets at the start of the morning, they were soon into the swing of things and getting stuck into all the activities.

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C company brushed up their weapon handling skills before hading to the drill square, working through perfecting their foot drill before tackling rifle drill.

Their guests from the Royal Air Force Air Cadets joined in the Skill At Arms training and some of the Drill, before enjoying sessions on the laser clay shooting, gun run and tag Archery.

Their was also a first for the Commandant with the promotion to Flight Sergeant.

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B Company spent another day out on the training area developing their fieldcraft skills. moving into the lighthouse and enjoying some spectacular scenery.

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