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ANNUAL CAMP DAY 3 1st Aug 2022

The Royal County of Berkshire Annual Camp 2022

ANNUAL CAMP DAY 3 1st Aug 2022

2 August 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

Day 3, all the Cadets are now settling into the camp routine, jammed packed with activities and skills.

Our Two Star Cadets spent the day out on the ranges, they had to complete some complex types of shooting to pass their shooting qualification. Did you know that our Adult Instructors actually run the shooting ranges?

It's true, Adult Instructors with an interest in shooting can complete courses which gives them shooting range qualifications. The ACF is all about Safe People, Safe Training, Safe Equipment and Safe Places. If you are interested in becoming an Adult Volunteer and want a chance to get involved just click the join now button!

Our One Star Cadets successfully spent the night out in the field, eating army rations, learning all about field craft skills. Things like building a make shift shelter, looking after themselves, looking after their friends. Patrolling, gathering intel cam and concealment, how things are seen, night work. They came back in tired, but smiling.

The Three Star Cadets and our Norwegian Friends brushed up on their skill at arms in camp today, they need to be ready for tomorrow when they go to the ranges for their turn to shoot and complete their shooting qualification.

More photo's to follow, here are some of the Two Stars from yesterday who did adventurous training.

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messing about on the Water

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They have bags of confidence

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Hi down there!