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Annual Camp - Day 2

Annual Camp - Day 2

8 August 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Another beautiful morning at Barry Buddon, the blue sky was poking through the clouds.

C company were out for the second day of the AT Package, with cadets swapping to do the other set of activities. So those that did Coasteering and Mountain Biking on the fist day moved over to Rafting and Highland Games. The cadets had another great day of adventure testing their courage and resilience in the water and on land.

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B and E companies were out in the field. E company, based at the Lighthouse, were training in patrols and Observation Patrols in preparation for their evening exercise serials observing an enemy position.

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B company were conducting training in leadership at section level in preparation for their exercise starting tomorrow. With cadets rehearsing fire control orders and section level tactics.

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D Company hit the square to do their training in Arms Drill. Displaying a very smart image to any onlookers as they learnt movements at the halt and on the march.

Today was extra special for Humberside and South Yorkshire as guests from the National Cadet Corps of India joined us prior to three days of joint activities. Greeted from a tiring Journey by the Commandant, Colonel Fred Owen, they were quickly found accommodation and were free to settle in to the camp and get some rest ready for the training tomorrow.

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