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Annual Camp 2023 - Arrival day

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force arrived in their masses to begin their Annual Camp 2023.

Annual Camp 2023 - Arrival day

5 August 2023

  • Derbyshire ACF

Yesterday afternoon, Derbyshire Army Cadet Force arrived to begin their week long summer annual camp.

Over 400 cadets and 100 cadet force adult volunteers, stepped off the coaches after a seven hour coach journey, ready and eager to get started!

After checking in with their companies, they headed to their accommodation to unpack and get to grips with camp lifestyle! They had an orientation of the camp so they could find the important places; cookhouse, NAAFI and where their rooms were!

They received their company t shirts, water bottles and wrist bands and then got to grips with the camp.

Check out our photos from yesterday.

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