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Royal County of Berkshire Annual Camp 2020 Day 2


1 August 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

Annual Camp day 2

The One Star Cadets were off to learn their Field Craft Skills, they were all issued ALL the equipment they needed to spend the night out under a basha.

They walked out to their Harbour area Sunday morning and learnt about self reliance, team work and cooking in field along with patrolling, being observant, locating the enemy and gathering intelligence.

Some of the more senior One Stars were given weapons and there was a scenario which they took part in and got the opportunity to fire blank rounds.

All the one star spent the night under the stars and cooked their meals, ready for the next days activities. Loads of smiles and new friendships are already developing.

While in Camp the Army Cadet Force Colonel Cadets Colonel Ashley Fulford OBE took time out of his busy schedule to come and visit and was hosted by our County Commandant Col Owen Williams, who showed him all the great activities that was planned over the week.

He was also introduced to our Norwegian Friends.

The Two Stars and Three Stars were having a great time at the Adventure Training Package, more photo's of that to come, they took part in the Confidence Course, Raft Building, Kayaking and paddle boarding.

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Colonel Cadets Colonel Ashley Fulford OBE

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Meeting our Norwegian Friends

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Camp Briefing

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    Getting sorted

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    Planning the route out of camp

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    Have you got everything?

  • Three star AT use

    Out on the Water

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