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Annual Camp 2022 - Cadets arrive in their masses!

This afternoon, cadets from across Derbyshire Army Cadet Force arrive to begin their Annual Camp 2022

Annual Camp 2022 - Cadets arrive in their masses!

6 August 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

Yesterday afternoon, cadets and adult instructors arrived on camp to begin their annual camp at Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Strensall for a jam packed eight days full of fun, friendship, action and adventure.

After getting off the coaches, 316 cadets and 88 adult instructors, from all companies across Derbyshire Army Cadet Force booked in with their companies and found their cadres they will be working in.

They had a quick tour of the camp to become familiar with the key areas; Company HQ offices, accommodation, the cookhouse but most importantly the NAAFI facilities.

Once they were familiarised with camp, they headed for evening meal in the cookhouse to try out their first camp meal!

After evening meal, first parade was at 1830, and the Commandant Col C Doyle introduced the cadets to the camp, before introducing some of the key adult instructors who will be working with them this week. He encouraged the cadets to work hard, try new things and build friendships whilst on camp.

RSM Rollisson introduced Staff Cdt RSM Myers on becoming the new Cdt RSM for the next year. He has taken over from Staff Cdt RSM Lea who has completed with great effort her year as the outgoing Staff Cdt RSM. Staff Cdt Lea has further been appointed Staff Cdt AUO.

Check out our photos below!

SSI Chadwick - County Media Officer

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