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Annual Camp 2021. Report 3

Adventure Training Phase for 7 and 9 Companies!

Annual Camp 2021. Report 3

8 August 2021

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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    Archery for 7 Company

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    Climbing Tower

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    Corps of Drums: SSI Mike Price

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    SI Cleary Promotion

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    7 Company

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    Barbecue Lunch

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    Archery for 9 Company

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    9 Company Awards

  • DSC01723

    9 Company Awards

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The 7th and 8th August brought us into the Adventure Training phase of this year's Annual Camp. But first of all on the 7th there was an expedition for cadets in Otford; the weather was kind and the rain only set in as the group finished. They averaged 5km/hour so did really well and passed this area of their starboard.

It was then back to home stations at Blackheath for 7 Company adventure training followed by awards for cadets excelling in the activities which included paintball, rock climbing, caving and archery. SSI Mike Price was also on hand to launch the new Corps of Drums! Another highlight was the promotion of SI Jim Cleary from 9 Company who met with our Commandant Col Matthew Davis.

Sunday saw adventure training for 9 Company, the weather was sadly not as kind and the awards took place indoors. This did not dampen the enthusiasm of the cadets for all of the activities. We were also lucky to be able to welcome Amelia Webber from RFCA who came along to report on our camp.

Check back for the next instalment where we will visit the DCCT Range at Woolwich and the expeditions begin in earnest! Let's hope for better weather!