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Adventurous Training

To train Cadets, we need to be able to do it too

Adventurous Training

24 May 2021

  • Cornwall ACF

This weekend 4 Cornwall CFAVs qualified as MIAS level 1 and 2 Mountain bike leaders on a course run for us by Devon ACFs AT officer Captain Kevin Found.

A huge well done to Captain Toy, SMI Hayden, SSI Mayer and SI Williams, a fantastic amount of effort was employed by all over the weekend in areas such as riding skills, navigation and group management.

Check out the DofE officer Captain Toy showing off his skills.

Also a big well done and Congratulations to Lt Ryan Pentecost, for passing his Mountain Leader Assessment on Saturday.

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70 m/h winds and rain 'helped' the experience

The 5 day assessment covered navigation, security on steep ground, confidence rope work and group management in mountainous areas and expedition skills. It took place over 3 days and 2 night’s Expedition and Navigation (day and night navs) on the mountains of north Wales.

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The joy of camping