Adults ready for the next step

Adult Induction 4 - by SMI G Bell

Adults ready for the next step

29 November 2022

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

The weekend of 25th-27th saw 10 potential adults attend their Induction 4 weekend and the final phase of their pre training.

The initial training process consists of four training weekends and the week long Adult Induction Course (AIC) after which instructors are promoted to Sergeant Instructor. They can then be responsible for training cadets in a number or Army Cadet Syllabus subjects.

The current cohost have reached the fourth weekend. They all successfully passed the course and are now able to wear the yellow Probationary Sergeant Instructor (PSI) rank slides which they were presented with at the end of the weekend. They will all now be preparing for their AIC in the new year.

The Adult Development Officers will continue to support their progress and give them guidance for their AIC.

If you would like to join the next cohort click the "Join Now!" link to find a detachment near you.

If you are a current CFAV who would like to refresh your training get in touch with your ADO or Company Training Officer. Remember practice makes permanent and with the changes from APC to ACS it’s gives you a chance to see any changes and keeps your skills up to date.



Top Row

Mullins L, Charber C, Booth D. Robson P, Young B, Bone V

Bottom Row

Mooney C, Feve Z, Davis R, Duckworth E