A Weekend of Success

Adult Training Empowers New ACF Instructors and Leaders - by Col F Owen and SSI G Bell

A Weekend of Success

4 August 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

On the weekend of 28th - 30th July, the Adult Training Weekend at our County Headquarters witnessed a remarkable display of dedication and learning. Participants engaged in several training programs, ranging from Skill at Arms (SAA) to First Aid and Coaching Techniques. The event not only provided valuable insights into teaching methodologies but also set the stage for new adults seeking to join our ranks.

Skill at Arms: Mastering Weaponry with Lt Kate Jackson and LT Ron Williams

Instructors gathered for their Pre-Frimley training in Skill at Arms, a vital aspect of our ACF's training curriculum. Lt Kate Jackson, accompanied by LT Ron Williams, spearheaded the SAAs training. Participants were exposed to a comprehensive lesson delivery and were given the opportunity to practice two lessons. The training also included a written test to assess their understanding of the weapon systems. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to SI J Oates, SI M Evans, and SI M Winters, who successfully achieved their goals and are now prepared to attend the SAA course.


First Aid: A Crucial Lifesaving Skill with Captain Adrian Hoyle

Captain Adrian Hoyle, along with SSI Sara Grundy and Major Claire Kirk, conducted an intensive First Aid training and assessment session. The participants were thoroughly acquainted with all aspects of First Aid, followed by a multiple-choice written test. We are pleased to announce that all participants passed the course, and they are now fully qualified in First Aid for the next three years.


Empowering Coaches: Learning the Art of Shooting

For adults keen on becoming effective coaches, the coaching course offered a gateway to understanding coaching techniques and identifying and guiding shooters correctly. The course was led by SMI Mick Danby and SSI Chris Carol, who ensured the participants had an enriching experience. We applaud the success of all participants who expressed their satisfaction with the course.

National Training Package: Welcoming New Adults to the Fold

On Saturday, the County commenced its National Training Package for new adults eager to join the ACF. A remarkable turnout of 49 candidates attended the Familiarisation and Assessment day. Under the guidance of Major Tim Troughton and support from the Training Sergeant Major SMI Kev McDowel, the day involved comprehensive presentations on ACF and Progression, values, and standards, and ACF Regulations. Commandant Col Fred Owen warmly welcomed the candidates and shared his vision for the County, expressing gratitude for their commitment. The candidates actively engaged in syndicate activities, showcasing their potential, and building camaraderie. The day concluded with interviews conducted by the Senior Leadership Team, fostering mutual understanding, and laying the foundation for future growth.

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Acknowledgments and Gratitude

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Adult Development team, who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this empowering weekend. Major Tim Troughton, SMI Zara Thorpe, ADO A Coy SSI Tomlinson, ADO B Coy SSI Cooper, C Coy ADO SSI Lunn, D Coy ADO SSI Bell, and E Coy ADO SSI have shown exemplary dedication to adult development within our organisation. Their efforts contributed to a fantastic weekend, empowering new instructors, and leaders to take on significant roles within our ranks.

In conclusion, the Adult Training Weekend was a resounding success, with participants gaining valuable skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly benefit our organization. We look forward to seeing these capable individuals contribute to the growth and success of our community. Congratulations to all participants and trainers for their dedication and hard work. Together, we strive for excellence in nurturing the next generation of leaders and instructors within our County.