A visit to Frimley Park

My ALM experience by SI D Allen

A visit to Frimley Park

22 November 2022

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

The week commencing on the 11th of November I arrived at CTC Frimley Park full of trepidation ahead of my Adult Leadership and Management (ALM) course.

The home of the Army Cadets training since 1959, I was greeted by an absolutely stunning House based on truly beautiful grounds, but still nervous!

Once everyone had arrived we met our Instructors, and got started.

The course itself certainly isn't for the faint hearted - with early starts and late finishes, lots of information, plenty of assessments and at times hard going, but the elation having passed is most definitely worth the long hours and the hard work.

We were taught everything we needed to know and more to run a successful detachment from its paperwork, policies to adhere to, to dealing with individuals such Cadets, Parents etc.

We had some truly amazing speakers to come in, including those that write the very policies we adhere to, The RFCA, ACCT UK as well as representatives from the Army itself. We were taught the most up to date information and many myths were dispelled.

It was amazing to meet so many CFAV's regardless of rank from so many different Counties, Brigades & Sectors of the ACF and whilst we most certainly all worked hard, we were extremely supportive of each other.

For those thinking of attending I would say go for it, be prepared to put the work in because what you put in, you'll get out of it!