A Time for Remembrance in Dwygyfylchi

Penmaenmawr Detachment holds special Commemoration in Dwygyfylchi

A Time for Remembrance in Dwygyfylchi

10 November 2023

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

A Time for Remembrance in Dwygyfylchi

As the cold November rain drizzled down upon the solemn grounds of Saint Gwynin's Graveyard in Dwygyfylchi, a group of cadets from Penmaenmawr, joined by their counterparts from Llandudno Detachment, gathered for a service of commemoration. Led by Senior Padre Elfryn Jones, this poignant event aimed to pay tribute to the servicemen who sacrificed their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

The cadets, undeterred by the inclement weather, began their service at the village memorial, standing in reflection and gratitude for the sacrifices made by those who came before them. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of duty and respect as they moved to the adjacent graveyard, where they laid crosses at the graves of several servicemen.

This initiative by the detachment took on special significance due to their recent affiliation with the Royal Engineers. Through meticulous research of Commonwealth War Grave Commission records, it was discovered that Saint Gwynin's Graveyard holds the final resting place of several Sappers, including a Canadian Sapper. The realisation of their connection to these brave individuals added a profound layer of meaning to the commemorative event.

Cadet Executive Officer Victor G Hughes, one of the driving forces behind the initiative, expressed his sentiments about the ceremony. Despite the challenging weather conditions, he reported that the atmosphere was electric, and the cadets were buzzing with a sense of pride and fulfilment upon their return to the detachment.

The laying of crosses at the graves symbolised more than just a memorial; it was a tangible expression of gratitude and remembrance for the sacrifices made by those who served their countries with unwavering dedication. The connection to the Royal Engineers added a personal touch, forging a link between past and present, reminding the cadets of the enduring legacy of service and sacrifice.

In the midst of the dark, cold, and rainy evening, the cadets stood as a testament to the importance of remembrance. Their commitment to honouring the fallen, despite the weather, exemplified the resilience and determination that has characterised the spirit of those who serve in the armed forces throughout history.

As November unfolds and poppies bloom on lapels, the commemoration at Saint Gwynin's Graveyard serves as a poignant reminder that remembrance is not confined to ceremonies on a national scale but extends to the local communities that continue to uphold the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In the cadets' actions, we find inspiration to carry the torch of remembrance forward, ensuring that the legacy of service and sacrifice endures for generations to come.

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    Final Commemoration Picture courtesy Gerallt Jones

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