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A Special Visit for Kent Army Cadets

A Special Visit for Kent Army Cadets

27 January 2023

  • Kent ACF

Volunteer police officers from Kent Special Constabulary discussed their commitment to public service with like-minded Army Cadets in Rochester.

Three officers from the Specials Tasking Unit attached to the force’s Tactical Operations department attended a gathering at the Army Reserve Centre on Saturday 7 January 2023.

Whilst there they spoke to the cadets about the role of a police officer, showed them around a patrol car and let them try on some of their uniform.

Special Sergeant Paul Butler said:

‘I also volunteer with the Kent Army Cadets, so I thought it would be worthwhile for our young people to hear about another possible career path should they eventually decide against joining one of the Armed Forces.‘The Army Cadets regularly engages with different community organisations as part of their star level training, and they did themselves proud by asking lots of probing questions and showing a real desire to learn more about the work of police officers and Specials.’

Mia Luetchford was among the many Army Cadets who responded positively to the visit.

She said:

‘I really enjoyed the police coming to teach us how they work. It really opened my eyes as to how hard they work to keep us all safe.’

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